About the blog

Thanks for dropping by.

If you’ve found this site, you’re either interested in what we call “social business” (the moving on from social media to a socially connected and active company), or you’re looking for things about social enterprises and socially oriented business. If you’re the former, then stick around. If you’re the latter, then I’m afraid this blog isn’t for you, but you might find interesting things here.

So why this blog? I wanted a space to share my journey into the social business space.

But who am I?  I’m Keith Lewis and I’ve been in the media and comms business for nearly 20 years now, sitting alongside the rise of social media as I’ve gone. I come to social via the media and PR route rather than the marketing side – something I continue to learn about daily. The whole arena fascinates me, and now, helpfully pays the mortgage!

I’m currently Social Media & Social Business Manager at Zurich Insurance in the UK. I’ll be sharing our journey to becoming a social business, but also hope to be able to share the expertise of those who are further ahead or can help you reach your social business goals. If you’re one of those organisation then get in touch – I’d love to talk to you and share any expertise you have with readers.

Feel free to contact me below. Always looking for recommendations of companies or individuals who are leading in the social business space who can contribute to the debate or discussion.